Learning Science

Skill Acquisition

  • Students move from simple to more complex tasks. Foundation subjects will enable the learner to apply individual concepts/theories to an activity, while later projects will require the application of multiple concepts/theories.
  • Learners will have the ability to self-asses against certain skill based tasks to determine their current level and develop a personalized learning experience.


  • Become a role model for student interest.
  • Get to know your students
  • Use examples freely.
  • Use a variety of student-active teaching activities
  • Set realistic performance goals
  • Place appropriate emphasis on testing and grading.
  • Be free with praise and constructive in criticism.
  • Give students as much control over their own education as possible.

Cognitive Load

  • Strong use of both words and graphics to present concepts and theories.
  • Ensure and appropriate amount of scaffolding is provided to learners, especially for new/complex theories/concepts.
  • Adaption of micro-learning strategies which results in the presentation of content in small segments.

Problem Solving

  • Learners are encouraged to re-frame the problem –  think outside of the square.