Experiential Learning (ETL)

Many things that I read regarding Kolb’s ETL was familiar to me especially the phrase “Learning by doing”.  I’ve always been a big fan of this approach and remember receiving quite a bit of criticism from my peers when I started teaching for taking this approach. They would say “whenever I walk by your classrooms […]

Skill Acquisition Resource

Levels of Student Skill acquisition in teaching methodology Dr Madhumita Sen I came across this on SlideShare and it seems to be a well researched presentation on skill acquisition.  I thought the analogy of driving a car was a great way to explain this topic and made it easy to understand. The author also explains […]

Skill Acquisition

There are a couple of main points I have taken away from reading about skill acquisition including acquiring skill does not happen quickly; and there are a number of distinct stages that students move through including novice, competence, proficiency, expertise and mastery.  Additionally, the majority of learners never reach the expertise and mastery stage. From […]

Feedback /Assessment Resources

Boud, D. and Associates (2010). Assessment 2020: Seven propositions for assessment reform in higher education. Sydney: Australian Learning and Teaching Council. This resources was compiled by David Boud (University of Technology, Sydney) who has undertaken a substantial amount of research regarding assessment over the years. The resource proposes seven reforms for assessment in higher education over […]

Learning Theories

I have really enjoyed this week’s readings as they were a great refresher for me as I haven’t really read about learning theories since completing my degree 5-6 years ago. However, I often discuss behaviourism and constructivism with lecturing staff when I am helping with curriculum design. I remember back when I was studying I […]

Feedback and Goals

I really enjoyed reading the Nicol and Macfarlane-Dick (2005) resource, in fact I thought it was brilliant. Even though it was coming from a Higher Ed perspective I felt the principles could be applied to other context. While I often hear people talk about the importance of self-regulated learners and getting students involved self/peer assessment I […]